Epigenetics is a key phrase that has become more understood in recent times. This compares with genetics which indicates a fixed ‘roll of the dice’ fortune at conception. However science is now understanding that it is the way we perceive ourselves in relation to our environment whereby we can change ourselves both physical, mentally, and spiritually on an emotional level at any stage.

It has been notoriously difficult to attempt positive change for people with neurological spectrum issues such as Downs Syndrome that exhibit themselves very early on in a Child’s life and even represent chromosomal changes on a intercellular level.

If we can for a moment, consider that any child just before the moment of conception is perfected in what is called natural love, with no emotional error, then by logic, it is the environment that allows for the emotional error (trauma) to enter the child unabaited and cause the symptomatic neurological expression to manifest.

In terms of the environment, it is the principally mother’s feelings (in error) principally through her own emotional filters (her beliefs out of harmony in love) and that from the father, through mum’s filters, that causes distress to the child, who absorbs and feels these feelings and attempts to express them, often in resistance to doing so by the parent’s own will/beliefs based around grief and shame, and from the environment.

If we understand that any ‘condition’ we are faced is as a result of an emotional disparity to love that is influencing our unique nature and characteristics, then we can get back to the the condition of who we truly are through a healing process and learning.

The phrase, ‘the younger the better’, serves as a guiding light that progression is easier during the first years of life, while our belief feelings are still more malleable.

In Three Dimensional Therapy, we regularly involve other family members in what we call constellations work.

Remarkably, in many cases, it is the work with the mother and father that creates rapid and amazing changes for the child.

If our quality of life, is all down to how well we are able to express our unique being-ness in this world, we owe it to ourselves to help assist each other in what ever capacity we can to be that shining light of assistance to others.

Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners have been trained as facilitators to be that guiding light, to bring you back into truth and love; health, emotional freedom and expression.


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