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Three Dimensional Therapy Practitoners Group


Using the power of 3, emphasising divine involvement, backing or influence, the logo represents our ability as practitioners to work with your body, mind and spirit, conscious, subconscious and deep inner core, to assist to re-write and transform your past emotional experiences.

Online group community formed since June 2022

“empowering people to realize their full potential and the joy that comes with it.”

The butterflies in the book logo represent the transition that comes into our lives as we are transformed from our emotional unconscious previously locked shut in the pages of our past, and go onto developing wings to fly and realise our greatest potential.

The first blue transition represents states of sadness and hopelessness. Blue symbolises the emotions of fear, hurt, depression and other negative emotions that are deep within us.


The red transition, represents a looking upwards, realizing there is hope afterall. Red symbolizes the anger and other negative emotions through which a person has to work as they move forward in their lives.


The yellow transition is reaching for the sky, toward the light and the source of a higher power. Yellow symbolizes the present, and to look forward to the future with hope.

Our Mission & Vision

To empower clients to realize their full potential and the freedom, joy and success that comes with it.


To assist clients to move past their emotional blocks.


To assist in accelerating client's healing progression.


To bring more love and joy into the world.

What We Do

Assisting clients back into a state of physical and emotional health and wellness.

Our Approach

We identify and clear emotional stuck energetic blocks for clients, reprogramming them back into alignment with truth over past experiences, and in alignment with their own unique nature and self expression.

Our Core Values

We respect the agency and confidentiality of the individual, working in harmony with their true desires, without judgement.

From Sadness and Hopelessness

Identifying and clearing major emotional blocks to health and emotional happiness, clearing the way we see and feel about our past, reducing the dysfunction we carry.

Realising there is hope afterall

Through session work, our internal alignment towards truth and love is moved back towards a love of self, our true self.

Looking towards the light and a higher power

Progressively aligned back towards truth, our actions and intentions are now more in alignment with love and the client connects more with love and harmony inside and out, realising their potential to grow.

Why Choose Us

The T3 method has been proven to create a more effective and quicker alternative compared to many convential therapy and other energy modalities, helping you get to the deep root core blocks of issues, and not just the effect symptoms, directly.


Advanced energy healing, bypassing conventional talking strategies


Deep core emotional release and reprogramming directly in your consciousness


Realignment to your true self, joy and happiness

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