Three Dimensional Therapy can be effective in helping assist the process of releasing old behavioural patterns of thinking and feeling. By addressing the mental blocks that we created through the influence of our environment, in order to avoid and deny our own emotional feelings, we can then access and release those causally deep rooted hurt feelings that are responsible for causing our all of our disharmony and ill health in our lives.

If we understand that it’s our emotional feelings blocked by fear mental constructs we are holding onto that is limiting our physical and emotional health, vitality and longevity, then Three Dimensional Therapy serves as a roadmap potential back to that state of health and wellbeing.

So, the short answer to this question is that in most cases, that do not require more specialised, hands on, and niche services interventions like marriage counselling and addictions rehabilitation for example, Three Dimensional Therapy is a very versatile and effective choice, and has the ability to go far deeper than other energy modalities or conventional therapy offerings.

Because Three Dimensional Therapy is energy based, accessing the client’s feelings at a subconscious deep core level, the time required to bring around change compared to conventional talk therapies is substantially reduced, as proven in this work.

The biggest obstacle many people face is that of a lack of love of self and self-worth, created when they sacrificed their own love for others demands under unloving conditions, often as a child. Their other aspects of security were compromised when a feeling of not being loved and appreciated further creates the basis for dysfunctional behavioural patterns and addictions later in life.

The majority of the way that we react to our environment as adults is unconsciously filtered through our childhood experiences that we felt and perceived as reality, that being our relatable understanding of the environment in our early years.

The body can be thought as a container for our feelings, of which our physical health is reflective of our feelings, for good or worse.

In psychotherapy ‘Parts Theory’ it is recognised that we have multiple fractured and frozen psychological selves, stranded in our past. Three Dimensional Therapy is also very efficient at freeing our innermost lost childhood parts of ourselves, bringing them backing into union with the self.

As Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners, we help assist the client to resolve negative belief systems and other emotional feelings that are not based in truth/love (fear/ and not reality). These beliefs are in opposition to their alignment with what we can call absolute truth and love, that can be considered as the basis for the framework of spiritual laws and principles in our universe that we are experiencing feeling validation, through a feedback mechanism.

Most people, are unaware that it’s our feelings mostly connected back into childhood that are creating our physical and emotional experience that deteriorates further as we age, as we consciously avoid resolving our blocks to releasing our causal childhood hurt feelings. Each time we refuse or deny a causal feeling, through intellectual supression, challenged by environmental events (effects), we build another layer of fear around the causal feeling and in future bigger events are attracted to us to help bridge through the extra layer of fear we have just created.

Some people assume that by changing their environment in a bid to escape their current dilemma, and set up a new life is the answer, but if you ask anyone who has tried this, what starts happening after a while is that similar events in the new environment start manifesting. Different city, different people, same situation. We truly are powerful creators, whether in alignment with love, or avoidance of our fears.

A client’s faulty core belief system creates self-fulfilling prophecies which are powerful and often work on a deep subconscious level of which they are unaware of, often times until we are able to identify them in the session. The basis for the attraction of patterns of similar behaviour and attracted events for the client can then be understood and resolved.

By changing the way we feel towards ourselves, we change the way our environment reacts towards us. We become a magnet for loving events and less longer the case for repeating undesirable outcome scenarios. With resolving trauma in our past, we become wiser through love, so with Three Dimensional Therapy a person understands their past so they can act, not react, to the present, and with that insight and new-found strength, can pursue their goals and dreams for the future.

Three Dimensional therapy helps us to break down our mental belief system block (fear) in opposition to feeling and releasing our causal feelings, as justifications not to, created back into childhood when we consciously shut down emotionally.

As practitioners, we only proceed as fast as the client is ready. Pushing a person more quickly that he/she is ready can have undesirable results.

It should be noted that if you are already under the care of a licensed professional, not to deviate from their course of guidance and instruction without reassessment.

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