I would like to share with you a recent feedback from a new client, Peter would decided to investigate Three Dimensional Therapy having been in agony with gastrointestinal issues for the last 4 years out of seemingly nowhere, having a perfect track record with his health.

“I really appreciate that you had gone ahead and done that initial session on me, even though I wasn’t able to join you? I give you a lot of credit, as you nailed things down with me that very few practitioners would have been able to access?? You and your work had resonated highly with me. I would like to continue to work with someone thru the remainder of this process that is up for it and is a good match? I honestly don’t think it is going to take months and months?? I felt a noticeable shift the other day after you had done the one, initial session on me, with zero guidance? I was really surprised to actually feel a noticeable shift from a single session? I think a lot of it, is really about knowing the correct questions to ask?”

You may be thinking how is it possible to accomplish this without knowing anything about Peter or having any information from him in advance to know how to direct the therapy session in such a pin point manner?

Truth is like a valley and it is progressive on a number of areas in life’s evolving expansion of awareness and consciusness.

A person who is more aware of truth and love in particular areas can see below what is lacking in a person and identify issues for them.

If we are in the loving mode of desiring to help each other, with our gifts of insight, the insightful information flows unrestricted.

When a person desires truth, engaging their own free-will, the body connects with that truth in a seamless way to transform their conscious awareness towards more happiness and healthy joy in life.

When I say truth, I mean universal truth, or the laws and principles in the universe, that your own soul responds to when in more alignment, accelerating our own passions, desires and unique individuality.

The truth is that nobody can directly heal anyone else.

We can assist others to resolve the emotional justifications they are unwilling to resolve holding into their hurt and beyond to their causal grief and shame, but it is always the individual that has to go through an experiential process to heal themselves.

As Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners, we can assist you in your realignment back to your loving self and to release that which never rightfully belonged to you, through your love and the realized personal truth of the reality of your past.

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