As of December 17, 2019, the intellectual rights for Three Dimensional Therapy were sold to Discover Healing. As of that date, it has been no longer possible for Three Dimensional Therapy LLC (Gwen Legler and Alexander Leilani / co-founders) to either sell the course material or take on any new students for training as practitioners.

Under the contract of sale, all Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners are allowed to continue practising under their earned practitioner title status.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing the course material should make an enquiry at Discover Healing.

For those of you who already own the course material, but did not get around to the training as a practitioner, we have an online Facebook Practitioners community group, you are very welcome to request to join.

Just leave an enquiry to

It is rumoured that Discover Healing are developing a replacement system for Three Dimensional Therapy called ‘The Belief Code’, however I cannot validate this and is purely speculation on my part.  Again, I would advise you to contact Discover Healing for clarification.

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