It may be helpful to put a few numbers into perspective first regarding the scope of available Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners out there.


As of now, there exists a private Three Dimensional Therapy Practitioners Group on Facebook consisting 40 members, which serves as an assistive online community. There will be some certified individuals that are not part of this group, who for their own reasons have either stopped using Three Dimensional Therapy in their practise, or have other reasons for privacy.

Without knowing exact numbers, there are something in the order of around 4000 – 5000 Emotion Code certified practitioners, and around 1500 – 2000 Body Code practitioners worldwide.

So you can see the numbers 4000-5000, then 1500-2000, then 40 would indicate a level of take up of the modalities being learned that people would find it increasingly more challenging to ‘find their feet’ with.

In becoming certified as a Three Dimensional Therapy practitioner, this process involved a year of developing new skills and gifts that arguably goes beyond the immediacy of accessibility found with Emotion Code and The Body Code systems for most people, at least initially.

I’m using the Emotion Code and Body Code as examples here, although other Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners would have come from other energy healing systems, but that was not a prerequisite to learn or qualify as a practitioner the T3 method.

Three Dimensional Therapy is referenced in the Body Code mind mapping system, in the energies/ mental/ programming section, as ‘Belief Code (Formally T3), which is allegedly been reworked by Discover Healing into a revised edition of Three Dimensional Therapy.

The basic point here is that it is temping for some practitioners in the field to suggest that they are Three Dimensional Therapy practitioners due to clients making enquiries through their experience of working through issues directly or indirectly with The Body Code system.

So, by taking on a qualified practitioner who has not been trained and certified, you could not only be wasting your time and money, but as Three Dimensional Therapy has the potential to also create issues if inappropriately used, you could end up with more issues than you started out with.

There have been some individuals who were screened out for Three Dimensional Therapy certification in the past. The reason for this is that to be a successful Three Dimensional Therapy practitioner requires a lack of ego, humility, compassion and a desire to really help assist others, and not for purely monetary gain and others purposes of self gratification.

The key is to always check with the global practitioners map listings on this website.

If in doubt, just drop us an email. We can cross-reference any enquiry you would like to make to verify the person you are contemplating dealing with has successfully and competently been trained and certified to practise Three Dimensional Therapy.

Thank-you, and wishing you a safe and rewarding healing journey.

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