The time after your initial session is one for continued emotional processing as you adapt to the new empowering core belief programs that have replaced your previous coping mechanisms based in fear, with truth that connects you back into love and your true passions, desires, and true potential. Think of it like a pointer on a compass that is swinging back to true magnetic north – your journey onwards and upwards.


There is a span of time necessary where you will feel some adjustment happening while your conditioned egoic mind is reassessing its understanding of the emotional shifts it cannot fully comprehend while having let go of it’s need to be in a potential fight, flight or freeze mode.  I generally suggest to clients that they will sometimes notice a change to the ‘quality’ of events and scenarios happening outside of themselves (the effects) before they fully realise the shift within themselves (the causal feeling/s having been released driving the effects).

At the client’s own pace, I generally ask them to consider challenging some of the aspects that brought them to therapy, is possible. This will help challenge further release work if acceptable and relevant to do so and that it is safe to proceed.  This further establishes and defines the empowering core belief programs more deeply in persons conscious awareness.

The fear that was causing them dysfunction in the first place can be thought of like a brick wall, that we have incrementally deconstructed to allow you to cross over it and release the very feelings that created it in the first place.

As a result, it is important not to look over the session report sent by your practitioner for a few days, but focus on the positive empowering core belief programs only, at least initially, over which you are may be still challenging your old behavioural patterns.

Feel empowered to express all of your feelings, without causing others harm. It is loving towards yourself to express all of the good and bad feelings within yourself.

The practitioner may have given you an indication of how many days interval is necessary between now and the next session.

This is just a guide, however. You will know when you are ready to continue by either feeling ready to engage another session looking more deeply into the same issue, either one related to, or unrelated to, by having dealt with the prior issue to a some extent or completely.

Remember, that healing happens in layers. It’s not until we clear one layer that another one will present itself in some way connected with the previous work. Emotional issues can be multi-layered in the way they present themselves.

I like to think of the healing journey like a bridge, that you can cross incrementally back to you, learning to love yourself back again at each step of the way, 

Three Dimensional Therapy helps assist you to address the fundamental building blocks of the ‘I Am’. These are fundamental building block belief systems which are also feelings. We are in many way a product of what our environment made us believe who we are that we hold onto that as true, which is in opposition to who we really are as felt feelings. The process of releasing our disharmonoius  causal emotions can also be thought of in a way of healing your love of self issues, towards others, the environment and beyond.

Healing is a through and out process. Your feelings are within you, and not the practitioner assisting you, so therefore the completion of the process of self realisation though releasing your causal feelings blocked by fear is in part your responsibility, to have a desire and faith to release it for your own health and happiness.

Change starts on the outside. The quickest way for you to change the things in your life happening to you is to start with you first, and not try to continue to deal with effects being attracted to you, that are serving to challenge your fear.  Stay the course and feel through your feelings in your body and with humility all them to surface without judgement so they can released without being shut down mid process.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, adding electrolytes. Water is a very good towards helping the body to release stuck emotions. A healthy body is very assistive of emotional work, as our organs and glands in physical health are better able to provide the energy to assist us in our process.

Waking in nature, getting enough sunlight, sleep and good quality broad spectrum nutritional foods will all contribute to your quicker progression.

Remember, it’s your willpower for change, your free will, that sets the precedent for any change. A practitioner servers to create a assistive process to guide you through your journey, however its your personal journey back to you that involves a back through and out process that is yours to fully embody and realise to completion.

The key to understand is that no matter where the feelings of discomfort originated from, they are your emotional responsibility to release and nobody else’s.

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