In advance of your first initial Three Dimensional Therapy session your practitioner will generally ask you to provide the answers to a number of questions in what we call pre-requisite questions.  


Although Three Dimensional Therapy is not comparable to conventional psychotherapeutic talking therapy where your issues are intellectually studied, analysed and rationed through in conversation, we use this extra level of background information to help target the first and subsequent sessions if necessary, more effectively.

The practitioner may add some additional time generally added to the first session to allow for this analysis work, so be sure to enquire if this is the case when working with your practitioner of choice. They will normally have this session listed accordingly on their booking system, as the initial session.

A typical list of information we would ask from you, that is kept in strict confidence includes, but is not limited to;

 1. List your birth family: parents, siblings and their ages, where you fit into the birth order, and any miscarriages or stillborn(s) your mother had. Include additional information about step parents and/or step or half siblings, if it applies, plus your age.
2. List your current family or living circumstance.
3. Make a note of any major traumas in your life: death, divorces, accidents, abuses, or a memory you
feel had a negative impact on your life.
4. If possible, please send a snapshot, one page of your recent handwriting on unlined paper, to allow for sufficient variability of cursive text for analysis.
5. If possible, a picture of your left and right palm for palm reading analysis.
5. If possible, visit the following website address: and click on ‘Learn Your Love Language’, and send the results back to
6. Briefly list two or three reasons why you are coming to therapy or what you hope to accomplish.


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