You may have heard this saying in an academic setting before; “the truth will set you free” could certainly apply to learning and gaining new knowledge. However, the original intent of this phrase refers to a spiritual freedom liberated from the dysfunctional pain and suffering of emotional issues.

The quotation “the truth will set you free”, John 8:32 from the Bible gives us a clue to how truth operates within us.

What is Truth?

Truth is defined by Merriam Webster as the actuality of things or events, fact, or spiritual reality.

What does Freedom Imply?

Perhaps we seek safety from debt, stress, stress and anxiety, a lack of discipline, or a number of issues. Focussing on these words we will likely transcribe the words “the truth will set you free” to the things we need or want that goes beyond our mind to service, but from our hearts to create.

Our behaviour is as a result of our feelings; our beliefs within us. To become more loving towards ourselves and others, and to feel more connected, we must have a desire to look earnestly at the sabotaging behaviours within us that are creating the lack of freedom to express our very unique nature.

You can think of the emotional injuries/ belief feeling states we absorbed from the environment and our family of origin in our early years, as degrading and distorting our innate sense of perfected love of self.  We then justifiably continue to ‘miss the mark’ of love through our own choice desires to act out unlovingly through our actions that had become distorted by fear and a lack of loving wisdom to know intuitively what love really means and stands for.

How does Three Dimensional Therapy help me?

We have a a concept called the ‘Warped Core Desire’ in Three Dimensional Therapy.

Progressively we address how your own unique communicative expression of love has become distorted since conception and we resolve this back towards your own authenticity.

This work of clearing programs, addresses our mental patterns of justification to hold onto our fears, which in another way of looking at it, are no longer real.  They were created based out of incidents in the past that may never repeat again.

It’s our persistence to hold onto something that is no longer a threat to our safety and loving expression that causes us emotional internal instability as we are at odds with the truth of what love truly represents, which is no emotional error or fear.

By clearing away the fears (based in a lack of truth due to episodes of trauma when emotional error entered us) and installing new positive programs that align to your own authentic sense of love, you can start to become more aligned to who you truly are and as a result are less influenced by external factors trying to challenge you back into equilibrium.

Three Dimensional Therapy helps you to become unblocked

If you are in a situation that no matter what you have tried, you are not making any headway, then it’s your fears that are blocking you from being able to access and release your underlying causally stuck hurt feelings.

Three Dimensional Therapy helps you disassemble your walls of fear brick by brick and allows you to connect deeper and more thoroughly to release the denied feelings that are limiting your sense of you being you, your real self, your true freedom gift to express who you really are in life.

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