It’s perfectly normal to feel anticipation in advance of your first session.  Engaging a new method of therapy presents itself with unknowns, and a feelings of anxiety and nervousness are normal to expect, after-all you are deciding to embark on the amazing world of discovery and healing.


Developing trust and confidence in working with your practitioner takes time to create.

Generally, practitioners will provide a free 20-30 minutes consultation in advance of any actual therapy session. I would recommend that you use this as an opportunity not only to ask questions about Three Dimensional Therapy, but also to chat informally for a while so you can become more familiar and comfortable being online with the practitioner.

Personally, in my own practise, the first initial session includes an extra 30 mins additionally, where I can analyse the pre-session details supplied by the client, and to also use it to pad out the first session to explain matters and concepts as we continue.

It’s important to give the whole process due attention and respect, not to rush things, and allow things to breathe on their own merit. It is certainly possible that the session can extend beyond the first if there are deep levels of interconnected core belief systems to be worked through, but it’s worth noting that your practitioner has trained to sense the need to pitch the pace of the session at a speed that you feel capable and comfortable with.

The session is generally written out by the practitioner, as the session proceeds, so you won’t need to write anything down except perhaps for things that spring to mind during the session that may be relevant in later sessions to be worked on. Think of one layer removed, another layer presents itself for discernment.  You can use these notes as a followup for later themes to be worked through, that you can communicate with your practitioner later.

It is a good idea to make sure your body is properly hydrated in advance. A good nights sleep and perhaps a walk at a local park to ground yourself while focusing on your deeper breathing is good to settle you into your own body/feelings.

As a tip, our fears are generally held energetically around our stomach area (our solar plexus), and breathing into this area with deep diaghramatic breathing helps us connect to them, verses shallow breathing that we would adopt if we were in a fight, fightt or freeze fear/terror response.  The same process helps us feel more connected and grounded to the body and less frozen in fear.  The breath can get us into and out of our body, where our feelings are coexisting.

Sessions are generally held over a conferencing app like Skype, Zoom, Messenger or FaceTime etc. Your practitioner will have provided you with a call invite link in advance that you can have setup on your laptop or phone.

Other things to prepare are perhaps some tissues and water to drink in what could last up to 2 hours.

Above all ease, if you have any questions, or feel you would prefer to postpone the session, its always a good idea to speak with your practitioner to settle any concerns, which may be related to the issue you are exploring to be worked through, and so may need additional reassurance that this is a good indicator that you are close to releasing something significant. When we feel resistance to our own progress, we can understand at least intellectually that there is some resistance we are creating in opposition to the the unknown, which in most always the case leads to a better outlook in life.

Some practitioners will have a period of time beforehand which if crossed you will not be able to reschedule, so it’s always advisable to check in advance their terms.

Session can also be carried out by return of email if necessary, or if unavoidble short notice circumstances prevail.

I have worked on behalf of parents acting in the best interests of their children. Without seeing the children in person I am able to facilitate their session/s as effectively as if they were on the calls, results returned to their caregivers. As practitioners we always seek the consent of parental caregivers when working with minors, generally with a consent form provided for authorisation.

One other phenomena that I have found working with clients is the sense that they/ their body can have already begun working through emotional issues before the session occurs. Its an interesting virtue of your desire for self healing already being directed in loving ways as a commitment in advance of the session.

You can look at the blog post titled, ‘After your session, self care, and the time interval between your next appointment’ for indicators on what to expect while feelings are continuing to be worked through and you are moving past you previous limiting feelings and perceptions, towards more love and truth in your life.

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